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BRIGIT’S FEAST continues in the tradition of the old Brigit’s Feast Journal of Celtic Thought, History, Culture & Folklore.

Brigit, our namesake was both the sixth century abbess of Kildare and the goddess of fertility. In time the Druidic cult of Bridgit, almost unchanged, became the Christian cult of Saint Bridget. Brigit, the abbess, was renown for her generous hospitality to the poor and the sick. Her double monastery of Kildare became known as the “City of the Poor” where she served up a regal feast of food, hospitality, love, and spiritual guidance, all seasoned with the fiery spice of Celtic spirituality. It is to Saint Bridgit that we dedicate this website. It is our desire to serve up a bountiful feast of spiritual food for thought. >.

We live in an age that is marked by fragmented individualism. It is an individualism that robs the self of identity. It is an individualism where life is no longer a holy feast to be enjoyed. It is a culture where science is devoid of soul, and religion is devoid of life. What is left is less than the holy-whole.

Celtic Christianity with her intrinsically embedded spirituality presents life as it ought to be, not as it is. Celtic Christianity is the bridge between the natural and spiritual realities, the bridge between sanity and insanity. In this sense it is a holy feast that offers to our fragmented beings the food of wholeness. BRIGIT’S FEAST continues in the tradition of the old Brigit’s Feast Journal.

This is what Brigit’s Feast is all about.